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Unordinary crypto currency with sophisticated and
eccentric idea to make your shopping experience hand-tailored

Decentralized Cashback Platform

There is a growing use of cryptocurrencies worldwide by web and retail merchants to sell their goods and services. We have decided to create the crypto cash back system for consumers of those pioneer merchants. Crypto Cash Back will be a powerful marketing tool for those merchants who want to incentivize patrons to purchase their goods or services.

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The Team

With a belief that culture drives commerce, we leverage shared values and ideals to inform strategy and design, creating experiences that inspire life and inspire action. Our specialty of connecting brand, culture, and commerce has earned us a big reputation.

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Matt (mattnyy#4413)

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Tfinch (Tfinch#5640)

C++ Developer
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Olegrom (olegrom#7777)

Platform Developer
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Sullyvan (sullyvan#7639)

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